Dr.Baud, 2003


At the butchers, inner city, that i passed recently, there was a large, wooden sculpture in the window, all cut in one piece, of one large pig.
It is smiling and holding a dish in front of it. There nothing on the dish, but its not hard to imagine, that it should be filled with pork-meat of different sorts.
This way the pig was serving it self to me. Smiling.
This way we reveal one of the lagest lies about humanity; That we are not predators, that the beasts simply serve them selves for us, smiling.
I walked on, imagining the man who made this sculpture. Im sure he`s suffering from bad dreams, and that this was one of them, placed in inner city, smiling.


My height is six meters.
Im 37 centimeters round the waist.
I weigh two ton,
and im moving.
I just woke up and im doing 600 kilometres an hour above a landscabe, that i know.

I know everything and i dont know why, and im not a bit worried, im just born and allready grown up.
Im close to mach 1, though, actually, this i dont know about, only these vibrations along my body.
Im speed and vision. I gather myself to a single red dot, darting around between numbers.
The dot starts flickering, and i start dreaming, white...
I rest for an eternaty, while falling through forgiving concrete.
Then suddently a burst of purity, and I grow and dissapear at the same time.
Thats how it was. Thats what happend. I lie still in a metalboks, among wires, and im no longer alone, and everythings starting, again.


You, you are the general. Walking in front of us, no matter what. Thats before it all started, at the time when it was only a rumour. Before it went wrong.
You sang, then, loud, yeah, you did! And we lay listening before the fireplace, like kittens, and outside the waves keps licking the shores, whispering.
That was when you were the general, and we curled in front of you and were given hats and medals, all shining, that was then.
This is now, and this morning the helikoptors came, and the men, and we were gatheret in the tents.
You are the general, we miaw, but you are oh so quiet, and we are kittens in the sack, in water, whispering.


He dug them down underneath the house. That is, first he forced them to the cellar with his gun. 25 woman and children, and then he closed the cellar of with bricks. They were screaming down there and he needed a lot of bricks before he couldnt hear them anymore. When he finished, he took a walk around the house, and it was like the grass was moving, just a little. It was annoying. He lit a cigarret, and stod smoking for a while trying to hear the birds in the trees, but the helicoptors were making too mutch noise. He smoked a bit more, looking at the machines cutting them selves through the cold sky. He looked like a settler, a Wyatt Earp, just after arresting Billy the Kid. He laid him self on the ground, looking up.
He was all black and didnt hide, turning into every window at night, and when he rose, it was like the soil underneath him sank a bit, making him a center of the universe.
He came to us, with his mouth full of strong words, words trained and bent and sent before him, and now they were dancing around his head, purple eagles and peacocks, hacking the golden snakes between his eyes.
He stayed black and solid, except from the gold hanging from his shoulders, little wings of his own, waiting to unfold.